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Silhouette - Slimming Escapes

Silhouette - Slimming Escapes

Effective treatments to help firm, smoothen and sculpt the skin - targeting cellulite in the process. Proven to aid the breakdown of fatty deposits, these treatments have a natural exfoliating quality. Available in a variety of session lengths, and includes expert body diagnosis. Enquire within for more information.

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Signature Slimming Treatment
This treatment combines a sensorial experience with clinically proven efficiency against all types of cellulite. A unique body diagnosis is carried to identify the types of cellulite in the areas to be treated. A stimulating exfoliating body wrap is applied which warms and heats the skin to aid the elimination of toxins, this is followed by the application of customised cellulite targeting serums and an invigorating massage to aid the breakdown of stubborn fatty deposits and the removal of excess water. Completed with the application of Specific cellulite treatment products, these will then be recommended to increase results at home. A course of treatments is recommended for optimum results.
After 5 sessions : 100% of the models felt more comfortable in their favourite Jeans
After 10 sessions: A Loss of up to one belt size (2.6 cm)
Lasting effect: 92% are satisfied with lasting results, 1 month after ending the course

NB. Not suitable during pregnancy.
Treatment / Duration £
75 mins 60.00

Essential Slimming Treatment
An express toning & firming body treatment to aid the removal of toxins, excess water and help breakdown cellulite. A Customised Solution of targeted cellulite serums are applied to the areas of concern and then followed by an invigorating and toning massage to smooth and sculpt the body. Perfect for those clients who are limited on time or on a budget, but still want fantastic results. A perfect compliment between Signature Slimming and Firming treatments.
NB. Not Suitable during pregnancy.
Treatment / Duration £
45 mins 45.00

Signature Firming Treatment
A Targeted treatment that focuses on areas where skin is losing elasticity, tone and firmness. Perfect following weight loss or pregnancy, or for those who are concerned by the appearance of stretch marks. Targeted areas can include the thighs, hips, bottom, stomach, bust and tops of arms. A full body scrub is followed by a targeted firming serum to instantly tighten and sculpt the skin along with a firming massage to tone and smooth. A warm algae peel-off wrap is applied to your chosen ‘zones’ and the treatment is completed with targeted treatment products which will be recommended to maintain and intensify the results at home. A course of treatments is recommended for optimum results.
NB. Not suitable during pregnancy.
Treatment / Duration £
60-90 mins 45.00 - 60.00

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