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Spray Tanning Treatments

Spray Tanning Treatments

Natural spray tanning to provide a healthy glow for weddings, holidays or social occasions. Our team will advise you on which spray tanning services are right for your needs.

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Spray Tanning Treatments

Natural looking tan ideal for special occasions, to give a glowing appearance. Professional Spray Tanning will take the hassle out of application and fear of your tan being streaky. We offer a range of Tanning sprays including St Tropez, Sienna X, Solgol and Kiss by Mii. We will guide you on your best choice, with strength of Tan a key factor.

24 hours before your treatment
  • If this is your first spray tan, or you are prone to allergic reactions, we recommend having a patch test with your chosen Tan
  • Exfoliate, paying attention to dry areas like knees, elbows and feet (at least 24 hours before)
  • Shave, wax or use depilatory cream to remove unwanted body hair (at least 24 hours before)
  • Moisturise for a few days before
On the day of your Tan
  • Shower, but do not apply moisturisers or oils as these can act as a barrier to the tan.
  • Bring black underwear, as well as dark, loose clothing and flip flops to wear after the treatment. Tight clothing may cause the tan to rub off before it develops fully.

Some products, such as face masks, plasters, depilatory creams, anti-ageing and acne treatments can affect the result of your treatment.

Treatment / Duration £
Full body 20.00
½ body 15.00

Coming soon
St Tropez's most luxurious spray tan yet. Introducing a new professional mist for a healthy looking, natural golden tan.

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