Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Whether it is that all important first piercing where you are creating memories, or an on-trend multiple piercing to create the curated ear, having your piercing carried out by someone you trust is priceless.

Studex piercing systems are manufactured to FDA medical-grade standards offering safe piercing with no direct contact, pre-sterilised jewellery contained in a single use, disposable cartridge. When performed to best practice standards, piercing is a hygienic and safe service.

Operators are washing hands, wearing disposable gloves and not in direct contact with the skin, preventing the risk of cross-contamination. We are also now advising that customers are asked to wash/sanitise their hands prior to and after piercing.

Hygiene is very much at the forefront of all our minds with the continual reminder to be washing our hands, during these increasingly uncertain times.

Maintaining high levels of hygiene is also an integral part of the piercing process and very importantly, the post piercing aftercare. What you do at home after your piercing is as important as the best practice standards adopted by your piercer.

When you get a piercing with a Studex system, you can be sure that our systems benefit from single-use, fully disposable cartridges that hold the jewellery. The instruments do not contact the skin at all. Jewellery is pre-sterilised without the piercer touching them .

As part of the piercing service, your piercer will chat to you about aftercare and advise you of the best way to look after your piercing so make sure you are listening as they explain the necessary steps to promote safe healing.

We understand that the anticipation and excitement of having a piercing can mean that you may not be fully focused on the importance of these steps, which is why your piercer will also supply you with a form reiterating the steps for you to take home and read again.

Traditional or Single Piercing including earrings, piercing and aftercare lotion

Age Restrictions
All Piercings are subject to age restrictions ID or Parental consent needed.