Sothys Facial Treatments


Specially developed to heighten the effectiveness of the treatments and active ingredients, the original Sothys technique, Digi-Esthétique®, combines Eastern and Western acupressure methods and massage procedures.

Digi-Esthétique® lies at the heart of Sothys programmes and boosts the extreme sensoriality by transforming each treatment into a moment of well-being for the body and mind.

Sothys Facial Treatments

Our Signature Facial treatments are designed to provide instant visible results against key skin conditions.

This sophisticated treatment, which takes the same approach as other Sothys Intensive treatments, combines ultra-targeted products with expert application methods. Through five key steps, and no fewer than eight specific formulas, this treatment offers a perfect moment of relaxation and professional skin care for a visibly younger skin. With multi-zoning and multi-masking we are able to treat specific problematic areas on the face according to the skin needs.

Sothys Advanced Research has designed a new active ingredient complex ßP3 TRI-COMPLEX, which combines two botanical active ingredients, saffron flower and sophora flower, with new generation peptides to protect the youth capital at all ages by taking a double action on the signs of ageing.

75 Minutes

An intensive facial Treatment combining our exclusive Siberian Ginseng Extract and exclusive massage techniques to restore Luminosity, radiance and overall youth to the complexion. An exclusive professional diagnosis is provided by your highly trained Sothys therapist enabling them to offer an efficient, complete and customized Energizing solution, which is both clinically proven and long-lasting*

*100% satisfaction in overall radiance and 25% improvement in skin smoothness after 1 treatment

75 Minutes

This innovative complete hydrating treatment targets all dehydrated and dry skin types whilst preventing the signs of ageing. Combining the effects of our patented Boletus 1055 extract and Hyaluronic acid, we have created our unique triple Hyaluronic acid approach to restore, reactivate and rejuvenate all the key elements of skin hydration. Hydration is improved by up to 71% after one treatment. * Tested on 14 people.

75 Minutes

Professional Treatments

Medical Inspiration with Therapist expertise*

Our Specific targeted treatments provide rapid results for key areas or concerns of the skin.
*Cosmetic peeling for professional use

Refine the texture of the skin, bring instant radiance, smooth and reveal a brighter and more even complexion. This cosmetic peel will smooth the skin and reveal a clear and uniform skin tone.

For optimal results: As a single session: once/month, no more often than once a fortnight.

Not recommended during pregnancy or for any types of sensitive or reactive skins.

45 minutes

A double action peeling treatment for all skins concerned with lack of Radiance, Tiredness, blemishes, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, flaky skins and rough, uneven skin tone.

Using a micro-dermabrasion exfoliation and Glycolic acid peel, this treatment will deeply resurface the skin while our Cosmeceutical complex and Oxygenating actives will remove all particles of pollution and deeply repair and protect the skins deeper layers to provide you with a smooth, healthy and Glowing complexion.

One Treatment per month is recommended. Not Recommended During Pregnancy or for any types of Sensitive or Reactive Skins.

1 hour

A Cosmeceutical programme for Instant Radiance and the treatment of Pigmentation, Blemishes, Sun damage and uneven complexion problems. This Treatment provides complete skin renewal, Luminosity and radiance whilst combating the effects of damage caused by the sun, pollution and the ageing process that can leave pigmented spots on the skin.

A Combination of Resurfacing and Brightening treatments will give immediate results after the first treatment leaving the skin radiant and smooth.

A course of 4 treatments one per week are recommended. Not recommended during pregnancy or for any types of sensitive or seactive skins.

Resurfacing peeling + Vitamin C serum)
£65 (1 hour)
[W+] Brightening treatment + Vitamin C serum)
£58 (1 hour)

Targetted Treatments

A complete treatment to maintain and protect the beauty of the eye contour. Combining our exclusive High protection eye complex derived from plant stem cell cultures and our unique ‘Massage porcelains’. This treatment will help to combat tiredness, dark circles, puffiness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles*.

A course of 3 treatments is recommended and can also be combined as a 20 minute add-on to all intensive treatments

*81% of panellists tested noticed a reduction in wrinkles after the 1st treatment and 100% satisfaction in the reduction of puffiness after 3 treatments.
36% reduction in wrinkles and 38% improvement in dark circles after 3 treatments

55 minutes
£45 or £20 as an add-on)

A complete treatment to Soothe, calm, maintain and protect all naturally sensitive or temporarily sensitised skin types. Combining plant extracts and the exclusive use of SPATM Thermal water taken deep from the Belgian Ardennes region. This water is famed for its unique purity and mineral content providing a soothing ‘healing’ action to reduce all signs of redness, inflammation and discomfort associated with sensitive skins. This treatment complete with the use of our unique cooling massage porcelains is clinically proven to reduces signs of sensitivity by up to 25% in less than one hour.

A course of 1 -2 treatments per month is recommended for skin experiencing a Sensitivity ‘Peak’.
*25% Reduction in skin sensitivity after 1 treatment, tested on 20 subjects after receiving 1 professional salon treatment.

45 minutes

Signature Just Slimming like the Treatment*
seasons our skin changes. Sothys have created the Seasonal facial as a reflection of this change. Launched twice yearly with new active ingredients these treatments will oxygenate, remineralise, hydrate, smooth, brighten and protect the skin from the elements.

45 minutes

The Ultimate detoxifying and Energising treatment for male skins to protect against pollution and daily aggressions such as shaving. Using Volcanic Rock, an extract naturally rich in Magnesium, this treatment will aid the skin’s natural protection against the environment and premature ageing whilst boosting energy levels to relieve tiredness and restore skin tone and radiance.

60 minutes

Prestige Treatments

The ultimate unique ritual. Where sensoriality and efficiency come together as one… Using eleven unique steps, ten massage techniques and high science products, ultra-concentrated in active ingredients to deliver the ultimate Sothys experience: rehydrating, energising and fighting all signs of aging.

90 minutes
£135 (face only)