Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning Treatments

Natural-looking tan ideal for special occasions, to give a glowing appearance. Professional Spray Tanning will take the hassle out of application and fear of your tan being streaky. We offer a range of Tanning sprays from St Tropez. We will guide you on your best choice, with the strength of Tan a key factor.
  • If this is your first spray tan, or you are prone to allergic reactions, we recommend having a patch test with your chosen Tan
  • Exfoliate, paying attention to dry areas like knees, elbows and feet (at least 24 hours before)
  • Shave, wax or use depilatory cream to remove unwanted body hair (at least 24 hours before)
  • Moisturise for a few days before
  • Shower, but do not apply moisturisers or oils as these can act as a barrier to the tan.
  • Bring black underwear, as well as dark, loose clothing and flip flops to wear after the treatment. Tight clothing may cause the tan to rub off before it develops fully.
  • Note
    Some products, such as face masks, plasters, depilatory creams, anti-ageing and acne treatments can affect the result of your treatment.

  • Iconic classic bronzing mist
  • Provides a gorgeous, golden tan to suit every client
  • Quick-drying formula enables easy, streak-free application
  • Provides the skin with ultimate hydration for long-lasting results
  • Features Aromaguard™ Fragrance Technology to eliminate the self tan scent
  • 4-8 hour development time
  • Deepest, darkest and most natural-looking tan yet
  • An intense ultra dark tan is now possible with a fast development time
  • Streak-free, flawless finish with no self-tan smell
  • Vegan-friendly formula & 100% naturally derived DHA
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Innovative express bronzing mist
  • Offers revolutionary depth of tan options
  • Versatile mist ensures quick-drying, streak-free application
  • Provides skin with ultimate hydration to ensure a long-lasting tan
  • Features Aromaguard™ Fragrance Technology to eliminate the self-tan scent
  • Great for last minute events and special occasions
  • Packed with Vitamins C to instantly brighten skin & Vitamin D boosters to mimic the positive effects of sunshine, without the harmful UV rays
  • Infused with 95% natural skincare ingredients, 100% natural tanning active & Hyaluronic Acid for a hydrating glow
  • Tropically scented self tanning water with no rinse & no transfer
  • Ultra-lightweight, refreshing & non-sticky mist
  • 100% vegan-friendly
Full body
½ body